Our Production Team

Made in Vermont’s Production Team 

  • Tyler Gillen, documentary filmmaker and building contractor, actor
  • Jim Hogue, writer and actor
  • Kenric Kite, Vermont state employee, award-winning filmmaker, actor
  • Joshua Minor freelance editor and filmmaker
  • Jeffrey Parry, Goddard College post-graduate student in fine arts, actor
  • Lonnie Poland, physical therapist, yoga teacher, actor, producer
  • Roger Strauss, retired community mental health director, playwright, actor
  • Noni Stuart, psychotherapist, massage therapist, marketing director, actor/director
  • Johannes Nikolai Ziegler, building contractor, actor

We began meeting in the summer of 2013 with the idea of making some kind of film production. We met regularly and continued to brainstorm. By the summer of 2014, armed with a script, we decided to make a feature-length film, and courageously began shooting. This venture has been a valuable learning experience for each of us on many levels, with every member playing multiple roles on both sides of the camera. We are fortunate to have a dedicated, resourceful, and creative group of Vermonters collaborating in this comprehensive and enduring project. The members’ diversity of experience, knowledge and skill is broad, and the creativity has been exponentially enhanced.